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  • designate_ABTA_Rollercoaster_blog

    Life is still a rollercoaster

    Now that the excitement of Ronan Keating's late night performance has washed off my linen suit, I can, as our man in Abu Dhabi report that the business sessions of ABTA’s Travel Convention (#abta2016) were quite intere...

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  • blog_Brexit-830x467

    BA – from a cut above the rest to a slice.

    “Beef or Chicken sandwich? Coffee or Tea is it? Percy Pig?” “eh?” “That’ll be £5.55 please. Pounds. Electronic only. No cash. Card only. Or Avios” “You what?” “Rest assured it is from Marks’...

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  • Top Up at a cash machine mobile van

    Top-up at a cash machine - the campaign trail starts here

    Did you know that if your wireless mouse runs out of AA batteries, you can just crack open a pack of smaller AAAs, then use tin foil to bridge the gap between the undersized batteries and the connectors? MOUSE RESURRECTION! #...

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