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The Brief

Vocalink are a global payments company that provide Top Up and Go services for mobile phones via cashpoints.

Our challenge was that Pay As You Go only represents around half the mobile phone market and this has been in decline for years. Also, cash machine top ups represent a small percentage of that.

Vocalink needed to not only increase awareness of the cashpoint top up service, but also create a brand in the process.

We needed a way to change behavioural habits to encourage cash machine usage by shifting perceptions that it was difficult or time consuming.


The Strategy

Our plan was to take on the preconceptions about cash machine top ups and emphasise the positive. That meant showing that they are everywhere, open 24/7 and fast, convenient and free.

We identified the fear of being out of contact and out of touch as a key driver to conversion. These days there’s even a medical term for it – Nomophobia. This became the campaign idea with cash machine top ups emphasised as the simple solution – the cure is at the cash point.

We felt that we would be able to make relevant and disruptive impact with an outdoor campaign focussed around areas with cashpoints in them.

Newcastle was ideal for this. It has a high proportion of Pay As You Go users, big student population, but a low awareness of the service and cash machine top up transactions.

For maximum impact we planned a city-wide outdoor campaign using eye-catching creative with bold colours, fun visuals and a strong call to action.

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