When you work with a brand like Columbus Direct, you know their next innovation is just around the corner. After all, they were the first to sell travel insurance direct to consumers in the UK, they were also the first to fully sell online. Then in December 2015, they became the first to sell travel insurance directly from digital kiosks in UK airports.  So, when they said we’re going to be the first insurer to

Sitting in a group yesterday thinking about one of our premium travel brands, the question came back as often does to a marketeer. Can money buy you happiness? Well, I guess it can, but the way it can is changing. As is how that money is defined. As is how you show it. This, I admit is nothing new, but what continues to be the real case is the fact that the way you spend the money is

My first blog post! I feel like I should start this off formally so, hi, nice to meet you! I’m Emily and I’m the new junior designer at Designate. I’ve been at Designate for nearly two months so thought I’d document it in a blog post. My design lecturer actually forwarded this job to me (thanks Tris!). I’m still pretty fresh out of studying Graphic Design and this is my first design job. This left me

We’ve got a new TV ad coming out and it’s a big one. We’ve just finished the new LV= commercial and are a little bit excited by it all. Called Make It Better, the ad not only reminds customers of the competitive price for LV=, but also reinforces the fact that customers can rely on them to sort out any problems that they have with their car. That’s what it’s about, but it's all done in

That’s how it feels right now for the English. But, let's not be too downhearted about the footballs (ok I am Welsh, which is probably why I’m the only person in England to find a positive spin on this right now). The England team tested their footballing mettle against Iceland, a land of warriors, and didn’t bring any fight. Fail. Even the fans were beaten by the visual and sonic presence that the Iceland team and

It's been a pretty momentous day for Britain and the British economy, so we asked our friend Graham McKenzie, the Managing Director of Travelmole, for his thoughts on the implications of the vote on the travel industry. Today feels for many like the day after a huge argument at which you storm out and say you’re never coming back only to realise that it’s reality. The United Kingdom’s exit from the EU has sent almost untold

Nowadays, inspired creativity usually lands on our laps. Whether we get our news from the people we follow, curated content or maybe - like me - still enjoy a good old bookmarking app, like Feedly, grandpa. Other times, we seek it out. Searching, sifting, going down rabbit holes, until we stumble upon something truly marvellous. Sometimes, however, you have to go to Haywards Heath. After a trip to the Ouse Valley Viaduct (if you haven’t been,

With Designate based here in sunny Brighton, it’s only natural that we are excited the summer has (finally) started to feel like it’s here. And to get you in the mood, here’s some new work for independent travel company Mark Warner. At the beginning of the year they came to us, explaining that through their social media channels, they wanted to re-engage with existing customers whilst also new ones. This has to have continued online conversations

You’ll  have great client-facing project management skills, excellent attention to detail and know what it takes to deliver a project on brief, to time and budget. You’ll be running all types of digital projects from small to large website UX, designs and builds and social campaigns. If you're interested, say hello to us with an email to attaching your CV and salary expectations.

What is graphic design's current obsession with the dullification of everything? With the release yesterday of Instagram's new brand identity redesign which aligns all their products: Boomerang, Hyperlapse and Layout, I'm hoping this is the straw that breaks the donkey's back and designers unite and say "F this S!" and start making stuff that looks less like a graphic designer's hipster cousin's best friend has downloaded a set of vectors from iStock and more like