Now that the excitement of Ronan Keating's late night performance has washed off my linen suit, I can, as our man in Abu Dhabi report that the business sessions of ABTA’s Travel Convention (#abta2016) were quite interesting this time around. In a year of extreme turbulence, there was much discussion about the health of the travel industry. Terrorism and security threats across the Eastern Med and the Middle East, Brexit and the pound’s lead balloon act all featured heavily in the

“Beef or Chicken sandwich? Coffee or Tea is it? Percy Pig?” “eh?” “That’ll be £5.55 please. Pounds. Electronic only. No cash. Card only. Or Avios” “You what?” “Rest assured it is from Marks’s sir, and the Captain picked the sandwiches up from the Southall branch only this morning so they are relatively fresh.” “But….” “easyJet? No no sir. Their sandwiches are cheaper. But not so their flights.” “While I’m here I can sell you my uniform for a tenner. I’ll take it off out

Did you know that if your wireless mouse runs out of AA batteries, you can just crack open a pack of smaller AAAs, then use tin foil to bridge the gap between the undersized batteries and the connectors? MOUSE RESURRECTION! #Surprise2ndUse. You’re welcome. Want another lifehack? Of course you do. Did you know that if you run out of phone credit, you can top-up your mobile at a cash machine? CREDIT BOOM! #Surprise2ndUse. You’re more than welcome. It’s

Designate is delighted to announce the appointment of Graham McKenzie to their board as a non-executive Director. McKenzie, who is probably best known for his work in establishing TravelMole as one of the leading online Travel News based communities in the world, has joined to add his considerable wealth of experience and knowledge to an agency already renowned for its Travel Industry knowledge and creativity. A well-known speaker at various conferences around the world, McKenzie is delighted

Earlier this year, we were briefed by our client Kuoni to create a new campaign with their objective of being the first to market with a winter sun message. The aim of the campaign was to help stimulate bookings for them based on learnings from previous purchase behaviour as they tend to see a peak in forward (late 2016-2017) bookings in June and July. The campaign will run until the end of November, so our creative approach

When you work with a brand like Columbus Direct, you know their next innovation is just around the corner. After all, they were the first to sell travel insurance direct to consumers in the UK, they were also the first to fully sell online. Then in December 2015, they became the first to sell travel insurance directly from digital kiosks in UK airports.  So, when they said we’re going to be the first insurer to

Sitting in a group yesterday thinking about one of our premium travel brands, the question came back as often does to a marketeer. Can money buy you happiness? Well, I guess it can, but the way it can is changing. As is how that money is defined. As is how you show it. This, I admit is nothing new, but what continues to be the real case is the fact that the way you spend the money is

My first blog post! I feel like I should start this off formally so, hi, nice to meet you! I’m Emily and I’m the new junior designer at Designate. I’ve been at Designate for nearly two months so thought I’d document it in a blog post. My design lecturer actually forwarded this job to me (thanks Tris!). I’m still pretty fresh out of studying Graphic Design and this is my first design job. This left me

We’ve got a new TV ad coming out and it’s a big one. We’ve just finished the new LV= commercial and are a little bit excited by it all. Called Make It Better, the ad not only reminds customers of the competitive price for LV=, but also reinforces the fact that customers can rely on them to sort out any problems that they have with their car. That’s what it’s about, but it's all done in

That’s how it feels right now for the English. But, let's not be too downhearted about the footballs (ok I am Welsh, which is probably why I’m the only person in England to find a positive spin on this right now). The England team tested their footballing mettle against Iceland, a land of warriors, and didn’t bring any fight. Fail. Even the fans were beaten by the visual and sonic presence that the Iceland team and