We’re delighted to announce that we’ve been working on a brand new website for a brand new boutique hotel - Nos Da Ty. We were really excited when our friend and client Peter Welch from Disney told us that during a cricket tour he had met Sri Lankan, Indra Weligamage (a former chef and travel guide). They realised they had a shared passion for the beautiful island where Indra was born and raised. Going into business

Same vibe, different venue. This time in the very heart of the West End of London: The Trump Slump is real. Immigration, visas, currency dropping, politics, terrorism - all this means there are less Brits going to the US for their holidays and vice versa. So what's the future of the special relationship? What can be done to improve it? What's the future for Brand USA? What marketing efforts can be made? Industry experts and key representatives of the UK and US travel

Last week I blogged about the Co-op embracing the heritage in their brand whilst at the same time managing to improve the look and feel of the company and its product as a whole.  This week is the opposite. I bring you the Caravan Club and its new identity. Now, we fully understand the dilemma that the Caravan Club have. The world has moved on since their launch in 1907. Well, actually it moved on around 50

My local Co-op is a store that we, of Kemptown in Brighton, could not do without. The queue is constantly snaking around this tiny shop, which is groaning under the pressure of the locals’ expectation of it. It was an okay shop of convenience before, but it has recently changed - I love the new brand (or old re-brand, or old brand, whatever) And I think they should be proud of the stance they have made. We

We have been delighted to be working with a brand new client, AFEX,  one of the world's largest non-bank providers of foreign exchange solutions, on the launch of their new product; the AFEX PayFEX Currency Card. This all-in-one corporate solution enables companies to easily track staff expenses, control expenditure and manage staff incentives globally. Designate collaborated with AFEX in developing the solutions brand identity, naming the product, creating a launch film and providing the UX and design for the microsite. Naming and

This weekend we heard the news that our LV= client, Guy Hedger had tragically been taken from us. We're devastated by the news. For us Guy was more than just a client, he was friend too. We've been working with Guy and the LV= team for over 10 years now. Not only has it been a great business relationship, it's been a hell of a lot of fun too. And Guy has been right at the heart of both of

It's back. After the success of the first Speakeasy, the second is on its way. So keep July 5th free as that's when it'll be happening in a London venue. And the topic's a hot one: What should be done about the Trump Slump? Brexit started the pound sliding which gave British travellers fewer dollars in their pockets overnight. Then the US political landscape changed quite spectacularly, giving rise to a new term in travel: the Trump Slump.

Designate went underground with the first Speakeasy we hosted last week. We found a suitable stylish cocktail bar where a select audience and a prestigious panel debated a range of topics around the importance of brand. The travel industry was particularly well represented, with speakers from Travelzoo, Tropical Sky and G Adventures, but we had the benefit of some experience and insights from the insurance sector in the form of our client LV= too. And to add some

Why is the train I am sitting on dual-branded? I am on a train to Paddington after one of those days that has been so productive so far, I would only need to work one day a week. Being up at 5.30a.m. in our house is pretty standard behaviour of late. The mornings are getting lighter, the bin men have the recycling to empty and the seagulls are back. Oh, and our beautiful Beatrice now knows how to