Know what nomophobia is? You soon will thanks to our new online campaign for VocaLink and the UK’s largest mobile network operators. It’s a series of online films, website and social activity fronted by comedian Paul F Taylor. So what is nomophobia? It’s the fear of being out of mobile phone contact. Admit it, we all have it. Especially those in the key 18-24 age group that are being targeted. And the best way to combat its

Click here to book your free place at our next Future Sessions In the first of five posts in the run up to our Future Sessions seminar in London on 30th July, we will shine the spotlight on each of our speakers. Up first is Nishma. Nishma Robb is Head of Commercial Marketing at Google and YouTube. She is responsible for marketing Google, YouTube and Double Click to the UK marketing and agency communities. Hailing from an advertising

So we've got ourselves a brand new client. Brittany Ferries, in fact. So naturally the first thing we've done is get to know them, their service and their product a bit better. And what does that involve? An epic day trip round France, that's what. We crammed maximum ferry into minimum time. And that meant a crack of dawn start for Jason and myself in order to make the 8.15am check in at Portsmouth for our

Green dust, a bespoke massive street art piece from Brazilan street artist FPLO, a free runner, a wizard, heart shaped swimming pools, an epic murmuration and a 3D printed snail so convincing that Clearcast (the TV regulatory people) asked for a vet's certificate. These are just a few of the weird and wonderful scenes featured in our new ad for our LV'ly clients at LV=. Entitled 'Make a Change’, the ad is based on the premise of

30th July 12pm-2pm Shoreditch, London Book your FREE Tickets here "FUTURE SESSIONS TICKETS" It’s not the first time you’ll hear us talk about Brand here at Designate, or the last. In our last session we discovered that Brand value is built on how customers feel about you and how special you are. The more dynamic a marketplace, the more important brands are, to both their owners and consumers. In this latest FREE session, “Broadcasting your Brand”, we will learn how to

The introduction of 300 new emoji to Apple's iOS 8.3 may well be an exciting addition to iPhones but until yesterday, I hadn't realised the farther reaching implications of this seemingly group hug expansion of our online lexicon until I started seeing aliens on my timeline. With text-only based communication the inevitable stumbling block of mis-communicating the subtle emotions of trying to express verbally and facially how good a dry cappuccino and salt caramel tray bake

Blimey, I’m sore today, sunburned knees and aching all over.  But it was all worth it because I was invited to the second Annual Travel Industry Regatta  organised by the Family Holiday Association  this week. Derek, our friend at Kuoni, had sponsored a boat and it was a privilege to be invited. But this was to be no gin palace pleasure cruise; you are right in there from the get-go. Clearly those that had participated last year

We’ve had our heads down, we’ve been busy-bees, the elbow grease was applied and it’s been working. Oh yes. In fact we’re rather delighted to announce that we’ve won some new business. Not one new account, but five new travel accounts. Count them, FIVE! First up, we’re extremely happy to welcome aboard Brittany Ferries. They’re a fantastic brand to be working with and we’re really looking forward to getting started and showing you what we’re doing. Up next

We're very proud of our membership of the IPA. We're also very proud of the fact that we've been awarded an IPA Effectiveness Award for our work with LV=. So we were also pretty, well, proud of the fact that the IPA asked our me to write a blog for them following their recent Brand Fame Effectiveness Masterclass. Here's a synopsis: In 2012, Les Binet and Peter Field launched their follow-up to the much acclaimed ‘Marketing in

The Future Sessions are free Designate-organised event with industry leaders, delivering forward-thinking, brilliantly focussed 15 minute speeches in front of an invited crowd in a cool Shoreditch venue. The next one’s due in July, so be sure to register click here to sign up. If you weren’t there you missed a cracker. Steve Dunne set the scene asking if The Brand was indeed dead. Doomsayers and internet-focussed marketers have predicted that attention-poor, instant gratification seekers only want